Metabolic studies

Metabolomics: targeted and untargeted

We provide a wide range of metabolomics services on targeted and untargeted analytical platforms. Our expertise comprises the correct choice of sample types, sample collection procedures, sample storage and delivery, sample preparation in combination with the best metabolomics platform. Furthermore, data processing and statistical analysis are well established methods.

From study design to medical interpretation

Together with CBmed we provide expertise for all parts of a metabolomic investigation starting from study design, study management, analytics, statistics and the biological and medical interpretation of the generated metabolomics data sets.

Why metabolo- mics?

Metabolomics is the latest “omics”-branch which has a focus on the identification and quantification of small molecules (<1500 Da). Metabolites provide the most comprehensive measure of dynamic processes for different phenotypes and medical conditions as they fall downstream of genetic, transcriptomic, proteomic and environmental variation.

Therefore, metabolomics is a perfect starting point to generate hypotheses for metabolic influences on the phenotype and possible biomarkers for medical conditions. Biological systems can be perturbed by diseases, gene mutations, environmental factors or, for example, by changes in the microbiome. After the initial perturbation, strong compensatory effects in the metabolic system can keep the organism in an apparently healthy state for a long time. Metabolomics is able to reveal affected metabolic pathways in perturbed biological systems and guide necessary extensive research activities.