Services and analytical methods

Services and analytical methods

We provide flexible, tailored solutions to your needs and can cover all or only single steps from support in study design, data generation (extraction, targeted/untargeted measurement) over analysis (feature detection, normalization, quality control, corrections, identification), interpretation (visualization, uni-/multi-variate statistics) up to knowledge generation (experienced scientists, reference projects).

Our FTMS offers flexible high resolution, accurate mass detection for special applications as needed.

Targeted Metabolomics

In our GLP certified laboratories we offer several targeted metabolomics platforms (glycolysis, TCA, pentose phosphate pathway, AcylCoAs, Polyamines) partially with optional absolute quantification.

Untargeted Metabolomics

Our untargeted platform provides optimized metabolic fingerprinting allowing detection of novel, unknown markers.


MetaboScout is a powerful software tool putting metabolomics data analysis and subsequent interpretation in the hands of the researchers and project developers, thus eliminating the need for an often costly third-party data examination. While it enables researchers to take a direct hand in mass spectrometry data investigation, it also gives a fundamental understanding of the underlying principles of data interpretation, allowing a deeper insight into the acquired biological evidence.

With this software researchers are able to independently search HPLC-MS data generated by Joanneum Research for metabolites of interest, allowing scientists to enjoy a self-sufficient system for data review and first-hand data interpretation.